Alpenstraße 75
5020 Salzburg

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Mag. Werner Friepesz
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The Salzburg Museum as a collection of hundreds of thousands of historical objects provides an extraordinarily rich pool of scholarly information, which is conveyed in diverse ways to any of the general public who might be interested and also to a specialist public, or simply serves the private accumulation of knowledge.

Whether for a scientific essay in a journal, a contribution to a TV programme, a newspaper article on a commemoration day, a university degree paper or also for the extension of one’s personal knowledge horizon – publishing houses, students, TV companies and private individuals all make use of the Salzburg Museum's photograph ordering service. 

The illustration of an object in the Salzburg Museum is available as digital image file, whether in simple JPEG format for research purposes, or print-worthy in high-definition TIF format. The costs depend as the case arises on the kind and quantity of copies of a planned publication. 

The rights of use of the available images remain in every case with the Salzburg Museum and are issued only for an agreed use.

Salzburg Museum